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I finally finished my Christmas shopping over the weekend. I started in early November and got through most of the people on my list. I only had two gifts left to buy, so I decided to handle it over the weekend. A while back I RSVP’d to a craft fair happening at a local mall. I thought I would poke around and see if there was some cute jewelry I could get. Not that I need any more jewelry, but I CAN STILL LOOK! I decided to check it out on Sunday that way the mall would be a little less crowded, and I could finish my Christmas shopping.

I knew this craft fair thing was going to be a shit show. My phone was pinging all day Saturday, with random people replying to the Facebook invite. They had serious complaints about the event, and how poorly planned it was. Apparently the event hosts did not take into consideration the sheer quantity of people that RSVP’d. Thus, the event was held in a tiny empty storefront, and the line snaked around the mall just to get in. Then once people got in, there was absolutely no place to move. Plus they were charging an admission fee, which was not stated on the event page. I mean, it was only $1, but still you should tell people!

Apparently Sunday (the day I went) was the “more mellow” day to go, as the line only went down to the entrance of the GAP. LOL! I wish I knew someone that went on Saturday, just to see exactly how much worse it was for comparison. I actually made a video of the ridiculousness of the smaller (?!!) Sunday line. I wonder if it’s safe to post it on here, as I don’t think the people recorded in line understand how to internet. Because if they did, they would have followed the pinned post on the event page, and shopped ONLINE for all of the craft fair vendors. That’s exactly what I did! Once I saw that line, I laughed and decided to visit the shops instead. Also, I didn’t end up liking anything from the vendors Etsy shops anyway, so it would have been a total waste of time.


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  1. The video of the line to get in. OH MAN!

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