Christmas has come and gone! I just renewed my domain for another year, so I figure I’d better keep up with my goal of blogging 2-3x a week again. I realize that I haven’t done any beauty reviews in a while, I’ll try to get back on that. Anyway, I started my vacation early afternoon on the 23rd. I spent Christmas Eve at Andy’s parents house, where Fat Moses made an appearance. He usually hides when someone comes over. He resembles Jabba the Hutt laying on his throne in the basement next to an old microwave. 


But he decided to grace us with his presence on Christmas Eve. He was a good boy and let us pet him, but he really didn’t like it when Andy’s brother picked him up. I guess his generosity has it’s limitations. 

2015-12-28 18.21.53

On Christmas Day, we went to my parents house. My youngest niece proceeded to use me as a jungle gym, and we opened gifts, and also stuffed our faces. I had a very nice Christmas, and I got a lot of nice things. It was great to spend time with my family. 

On Saturday, I decided to take advantage of the all the sales and gift cards. So I got an interactive Yoda doll. I LOVE IT! He plays with the light saber, has a cane, and can teach you how to be a Jedi! He has a few different modes, says 115 phrases, and he moves around. Zorro hates it, but I love Jedi Master Yoda! I also got a new laptop. I figure I should just suck it up and get one, while my old one still works. That way I can sell it. Andy helped me pick it out, and it’s so much lighter than my old one! My old laptop was a 17″ screen beefcake. I hardly took it places because it was so heavy, but now I have a much sleeker and portable option. Since it’s a touchscreen, I can flip the screen and use it as a tablet too, which is nifty. I’m getting myself acquainted with Windows 10, big difference from Windows 7. 




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