2016, I AM IN YOU!

2016-01-04 12.15.22
I had a lot of fun during my time off from work. It was nice to have time off without having to travel some place. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling. But it’s great to just stay local and sleep in! I did a lot of fun things while I was off work. But I’ll just start with New Years Eve! We went to a masquerade that was at a local bar. I could only wear my mask for a few minutes, it was too uncomfortable. I don’t know who on Amazon thought it was a good idea to make a mask out of sharp metal pieces, but they should be forced to wear said masks as punishment. A lot of people weren’t wearing masks at all, which is what I figured would happen. But I didn’t let that spoil my fun! I’m just glad I was able to find something to do on NYE, because I had a fabulous sequin dress for the occasion. I find it stressful to find something to do on New Years Eve.

2016-01-04 12.16.57

I managed to snag a spot at the bar and we used it for our jackets. I don’t know why they didn’t provide a jacket area, but a little late to complain about it now. Anyway, we hung around the bar for a bit. One of the girls I was with, had a thing for a guy that went to the party by himself. He caught our attention because he looked like Nick Kroll, the comedian. She went right up to him and invited him into our group. She also told him that we all thought he looked like Kroll.


I thought this could go one of two ways, he has either heard that A LOT, or never at all. Turns out, we were the first people to tell him he looks like Nick Kroll. I guess it’s not surprising, because as we got to know him, he was visiting here from Egypt or something. Egyptian-Kroll was a bit of a pimp though. While he did hang out with us for a little bit, he managed to hit on a different girl everytime we turned around. After that, we danced for a bit and even spotted a storm trooper and a dude in his sixties dressed as a devil. Oh Allston, never change! Except maybe get rid of 95% of your college kids?


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