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I decided to try Wantable styling service. I wanted try something new, so I’m giving Wantable a try! If you want to sign up, please use my referral link so I can get credit. I started off by filling out a style quiz, so your stylist knows what items you prefer. You can also send them a note if you want outfits for a specific reason, like a party. I paid the $20 styling fee, which can be used towards items that you want to keep. I found all the items under $80 each when they arrived. I find the prices a bit higher than I would normally pay for tops, but the quality is quite nice! I ended up keeping 3 of the 5 items from my shipment. This service is very similar to StitchFix, which I have used before. I have also used Wantable for their makeup subscription box, that I loved. But I didn’t end up using after the first shipment because they were a bit pricier than other makeup boxes.

2016-01-06 11.09.11
This round I got the Skinny Ink Denim jeans ($69), Wantable Mixed Media Sweater ($78), Olivaceious V Neck high Low Top ($55), Shoney jacket ($80), and Dex Sleeveless Woven Snake Print Top ($59). I wanted to keep the jeans, but I found them a tad tight. Despite getting them a size up than I normally am, they just weren’t comfortable. I didn’t keep the mixed media sweater, it was too pricey and odd for me. I mean, I think it sorta grew on me, despite the look on my face. But in the end, the price was too high. I did end up keeping the gray V neck sweater, it is very cute and comfy. I also really loved the jacket, it’s amazing! I also adore the snake print top, I had to keep it too. I ended up wearing a cami under it, since the back has an open strip. It’s a little too cold for me to be wearing vented shirts, but it will be great in the summer. Overall, I really like Wantable so far!


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