We tried a different place for trivia last night and got second place. I think the regular trivia host called in sick or something, because a restaurant employee was running it this time. The poor guy had no idea what he was doing, so we had to go up and let him know how Stump usually runs the trivia. We ended up coming in second, and the prize was two freeĀ appetizers, we’ll use them next week! I just hope we get a different waitress this time. She was fine at first, but then gave us the check half way thru the game. We were a little perplexed, so we told her we weren’t ready to check out yet. But after that, she sorta dropped off the face of the restaurant. Hopefully we won’t get her again next week!

Anyway, I’m really glad it’s finally Friday! The first full week back at work after having almost two weeks off is really rough. I think everyone is feelin’ it. I have to do some cleaning when I get home and also napping! Andy wants to go out tonight and I must oblige. I’m mostly looking forward to tomorrow, my BFF is coming up my way. We’re going to a sit-on-the-floor restaurant for dinner, followed by seeing a friends band play.


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