Poor guy tried to do the right thing by not driving after having drinks, and this is how he gets repaid!

It snowed last night. I was going to get up early so I had time to thaw out my car, so I don’t end  up like this guy. But when I woke up, I noticed my car didn’t really need to be cleaned. I didn’t think anything of it, then went back to bed. When I went outside later, I realized ice formed under the arms of my wiper blades. So the blades wouldn’t go down [I always try to pull them up before it snows].  I had to hammer at the ice before leaving, I’m sure my neighbors loved me! Not that I care.

I managed to get to work on time, somehow avoided some of the traffic from accidents. Then Andy texted me later to let me know he cleaned off my car last night, so I wouldn’t have to deal with ice. How nice of him! All along I thought it was magical snow elves that cleaned my car. That or the snow knew better than to fuck with me after last year. Yeah, no such luck!


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