I’m feeling a bit “off” today. I mean, didn’t win the lotto, Alan Rickman died, and I forgot to pay a bill on time. Oops! I’m also a bit tired since Andy and I were in desperate need for beers last night, so we went to one of  our favorite pubs. That could attribute to my feeling a bit off. So naturally, when I’m tired, my mind does strange things. For example, I just recalled a memory from sixth grade involving spelling bees.

You see, our English teacher Mrs. Sommers loved herself a good ol’ fashioned spelling bee. So each week or so, we’d have one to strengthen our spelling skillz. Who knew, we’d all be carrying around smart phones in adulthood, which came with spellcheck. Anyway, sometimes these bees involved spelling countries around the world. The trickier the name, the better! Needless to say, nobody and I mean nobody, wanted to get stuck with Czechoslovakia! It happened to me a time or two, I can’t recall if I got it right or not. Even in adulthood, I struggle trying to spell it from memory. 

Here is the thing, Czechoslovakia officially stopped existing as of 1993. Heck, the US was one of the first places to recognize the Czech Republic as a country. So, why in 1996, were we being asked to spell that shit?! That is just wrong. Turns out, nobody actually needed to know how to spell it because it no longer existed. We were tricked, fooled, Goddamn-bamboozled, I tell ya! I don’t recall our teacher ever telling us that tidbit of knowledge either. Granted, she is an English teacher, BUT STILL. Not cool! If we were playing a game of spelling out countries that no longer exist, why they hell weren’t we asked to spell the U.S.S.R?! I think we all could have tackled that one. 


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