Okay brain, stop annoying me with sinus pressure headaches!

Remember how I said I was feeling a little “off” yesterday? Let’s just say I continued the trend into the remainder of the day. Andy and I went to trivia by ourselves last night. After waiting around for 10 minutes, we noticed someone leaving the bar and I elbowed myself straight over there and snatched that shit up! While Andy was letting the hostess know we no longer need a table, I sat next to a group of guys. 

One of them looked vaguely familiar. He was the one that said I looked really smart and that they shouldn’t bother with trivia. I said it must be my glasses, because big glasses=big brains. Of course! Andy and I really nailed the first half of the game. Then the guy called me a “trivia hustler”. I said I had to do something else, since I’m horrible at pool. Then our luck ran out, I think “vaguely familiar” guy jinxed us. We started to tank really bad and were in last place at one point.

We decided we didn’t really have a fair shot of placing again, like we did last week. So we left a little early.  I was actually a little excited because I haven’t been sleeping very well this week, so I wanted to chance to catch some Z’s. But alas, I had trouble falling asleep. Then (OF COURSE!) as I’m about to drift off, a memory flashed before my eyes from high school. Turns out, I graduated with “vaguely familiar” guy! Heck, I even remembered his name. I just wish my brain had picked a different time to come to that realization. Ya know, like when I’m still awake?!

Anyway, I’m feeling really stuffy today. I have a bad sinus headache and I might have to leave early if it doesn’t subside soon. I’d really hate to use sick time this early in the year, so I’m gonna try to stay as long as I can. Wish me luck! I’m hoping to get some rest today, since it’s a long weekend and I finally get to hang out with Erin tomorrow!



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