2016-01-19 11.43.15

Snaps over the weekend. Sushi at Bonchon, and drinks at Sunset Grill

I had a really nice long weekend and thought you may enjoy some alliteration.  I really threw off my sleeping cycle by staying up late, and sleeping in. So it was a very rude awakening when my alarm went off this morning. I rolled out of bed and staggered my way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. When I finally hit the road, I still didn’t feel very awake. For example, I managed to misread 3 bumper stickers on the car in front of me while stopped at a light.
One said, “Half the people are below average.” I read it as, “Hail the people are below average.”
Another said, “I made plans, and God laughed.” I read it as, “I made plans, and Goo laughed.”
The third one said, “hell on wheels.” I thought it said, “bell on wheels.”

Oh yes, let’s not forget how I almost killed myself 10 minutes later when I got on the highway. You see, they are doing major roadwork (as always!) and the lines on the highway have been drawn and redrawn several times. So it’s actually kind of hard to tell where the real lines are anymore. I thought I was following the lines farthest to the left, but that was the wrong move. As the lanes began to shift to the right more, and I almost hit a barricade. I almost had to call in dead to work today. Fun times! But hey, at least I didn’t lose the key to a chastity belt. HAHA

2016-01-19 11.42.28

Shopping and shenanigans at Faneuil Hall 

Aside from almost killing myself and forgetting how to read, I had a really fun weekend. One of the highlights was seeing Erin on Saturday. She came up my way and we went shopping at Faneuil Hall. We were going to eat there, but the call of Korean fried chicken and sushi from Bonchon was too strong. So we made our way back to Allston for some delicious food. Once were done, we went to Sunset Grill across the street for some grande sangria’s and to catch the last half of the game. We were both pleasantly surprised the Patriots pulled off the win. After the game, we went back to my place to watch movies and make plans for our adventure in April. Oh yes, I also saw the movie Sisters over the weekend. It was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be!


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