This is Zorro, don’t let that sweet face fool you for a second!

My dog loves the snow and the cold. That should come as no surprise since he is a husky mix. It snowed a little bit here on Sunday night. It was late when I let Zorro out, so I wanted to change and go to bed. But Little Tony Montana had other plans for me! After I had changed into my jammies, I went to the back to corral my dog back inside.

He was having none of this! I found him using his nose as a plow and driving the snow. When he finally looked up at me, he had a pile of snow on his snout. He is lucky that he is cute, because I wasn’t going to chase after him in the snow during the wee hours. I just wish I had my phone handy, he did look really cute with snow covering his face. I’m glad one creature in the house enjoys snow, because I just want to hibernate or move to Mars. 



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2 responses to “LITTLE TONY MONTANA

  1. He’s cute. My Tippy loves the snow too – been out in it as much as I would let her today.

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