2016-01-25 10.12.48

I didn’t let the crappy weather get in my way this weekend. We all went to a hibachi place for my friends birthday. Andy and I had been there before. But we call it “No-saka”, instead of “Osaka”. This is because everytime we’ve tried to go in the past with this group of friends, they usually drop out. So at long last, it was a “Go-saka”! The food was great as usual. I think our hibachi chef was in a hurry though, he missed a lot of the classic hibachi tricks. Also, chef at another table made balloon hats, so we had to infringe upon the other table to get ourselves in on the balloon action.

2016-01-25 10.16.36

After hibachi, we went to the Foundation Room for drinks and shenanigans. I sat on a couch near the fire because I was freezing. I guess that is the hazrd of having a cute outfit, tights and cold weather don’t mix. Oh well!
Andy and I also went to the Museum of Science over the weekend. I really wanted to go to the planetarium. So we saw two shows there. We got the museum early in the morning, so there wasn’t a lot of people there. But by the afternoon it was getting pretty packed. We decided to leave when it was getting too crazy. It also snowed over the weekend, but (for once) we were spared the major impact. I think we got maybe about 4″ of snow, as opposed to 42″ in some other places. 

2016-01-25 10.44.23


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