For shits and gigs, Andy bought a DNA kit for dogs. When we adopted Zorro, we didn’t have much background on him. The vet office we got him from, said he is a husky/shepherd mix. I didn’t really believe in the shepherd part, as I couldn’t see any of that in him. But I could tell by certain traits, he is a husky and lab. I didn’t realize how much more the test would reveal! The results came with profiles of each breed that Zorro is and a family tree.

The English Springer Spaniel and Golden Retriever were pretty random. I don’t really see those breeds in his physical appearance. But I’m glad to know I was right about him being part lab! It’s pretty apparent from his tree that he about 50% husky. The rest, is broken up between the lab, golden, and English spaniel. Pretty cool! I always called him a Huskador as a joke. Looks like I will have to start calling him a Golden Huskaspanieldor!

We also ordered a kit for my parents dog. We don’t know what breeds she is either, aside from German Shepherd. But she is super fluffy and agile, so I think she may have some Aussie Shepherd in her as well. We shall see, the fun part will be trying to get the DNA swab from her mouth. haha




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  1. I have considered doing one of those tests for my Tippy. It is interesting to know where they come from. Might even answer some of the questions as to how they act the way they do. Which test did you use?

    • It was fun to find out! I think my boyfriend got the dog DNA kit on Amazon. This one was made by Wisdom Panel. They emailed us a doc with the results. It included a family tree to show dog breed lineage combos, and profiles. Very cool!

  2. It was a DIY test, btw. Takes a few weeks to get the results back once u send them

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