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My hair feels and smells amazing, you guys!

It was about time to replenish some of my favorite items from Lush. While I was at it, I added a few new things to my cart to try. This haul I picked up some, Handy Gurugu cream, Mint Julips lip scrubOcean Salt cleanser,  Jungle solid conditioner, Jason & the Argan Oil solid shampoo, Mask of Magnaminty, and some tins for the soaps.

I love the handy cream as it contains a lot of cocoa butter and it keeps my hands nice and moist. I mostly use it before bed in the winter months. So it actually takes me a while to use up the whole tub. I also ran out of my favorite lip scrub. I only get the mint flavor, but they offer other flavors as well. My favorite part, the scrub is edible! So you can lick  your lips when you’re done.

I finally ran out of the ocean salt scrub, so I picked up another batch. I’ve been using the self-preserving kind, but I don’t like it as much as the regular ocean salt scrub, so I switched back. I love how it tingles when you use it and it smells great too!

I finally decided to dip my toe into the solid shampoo and conditioners. I’m trying them out for when I travel.  I usually do carry-on only when I fly because it’s easier/cheaper. So switching to solid shampoo and conditioner will save more space in my tiny ziplock bag for other liquids. I have to say, I actually love solid shampoo and conditioner way more than I thought. I’m considering switching to them full-time, once I use up my fancy color-care shampoo. The solid shampoo is a learning curve though, I used way to much my first time thinking it would take forever to lather. That was not the case! I will need to be more careful next time and only use a small amount. The conditioner is great too! It’s difficult to gauge how much to use, but my hair wasn’t a tangle when I got out of the shower, so I think I’m good. Side note, my hair smells, feels, and looks amazing! I may be addicted to their shampoo and conditioners now. Plus I noticed little to no hair breakage. That is huge because my thick hair sheds like crazy.

Lastly, I got some more Mask of Magnaminty. I haven’t used it in a long time, but I’m on a mask kick, so picked some up. I love the tingle of this mask and skin feels great after! Now I have to plot what other shampoo and conditioners to try next. 


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One response to “LUSHIOUS HAIR!

  1. Rachel Martin

    I LOVE the Ocean Salt scrub, it’s amazing! Lovely reviews, loving your blog by the way!

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