2016-02-01 11.39.44

Why yes, that is a lightsaber skirt! 

I ate FAR TOO MUCH this weekend. It was all delicious, so it was totally worth it. On Saturday we went to the mall, then Ginny’s birthday party at Golden Temple a.k.a the Mos Eisley Cantina. I was starving, so I ordered a bunch of food and ate too much. Andy was very tired and my stomach was bothering me from eating too much, so we left shortly after dinner. It was for the best as my stomach didn’t feel better until the morning anyway.

2016-02-01 11.40.49

Unfortunately, stuffing my face the night before didn’t prevent me from making the same mistake on Sunday! My mom wanted to try a new restaurant in town. So we all met up there for lunch. The food was really good and I ate too much (again). Apparently I do not learn lessons easily. But this time I didn’t bother my stomach. All in all, a successful weekend!


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