New maxi coat!

The middle of winter is actually one of the best times to get a new winter coat. At this point, stores have starting selling heavy coats since probably September or earlier. Hence, why after the holidays, they usually go on sale. I’ve had the same Calvin Klein maxi coat in black for about five years. I loved that coat, it was knee length, and made with goose down. It was also my only super long jacket. I bought in the middle of winter, so I got it much cheaper than what it retails for. But alas, I decided it was time to put her pasture.

The coat had holes in it, from when I was shoveling every day last winter. It would get stuck on the top of the link fence. Also, I accidentally put the hood in the dryer once, and it melted the fur. I think I also ruined the zipper of the hood at the same time. I had to safety pin the hood on, otherwise the zipper would keep opening by itself. I managed to find a great replacement coat. It actually looks very similar to my old one, except it’s dark gray and made by London Fog. I also got it for a steal. I love the new coat so far, except it’s actually been to warm to wear it. You’re welcome people, it’s been weirdly warm this winter because I bought a new coat.



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2 responses to “GOOD BYE, OLD COAT!

  1. I had the same issue this summer… I bought my black coat about 10 years ago and have been using it every winter…the black is becaming grey and I refused to change…until such a day my husband dragged me into the same brand’s shop and made me buy a new one… Now I have two becausevI have not yet had the courage to let the other one go…

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