I usually don’t fall for infomercial crap. But I’ve been interested in trying It Cosmetics for a while. My friend loves their concealer she gets from QVC for her Rosacea. I also know what their price point is. So when I saw the infomercial, I thought it was a good deal. Normally I do research when I buy things, and never (ever!!) buy things from an infomercial. Not saying ALL infomercials are scams, but most probably are. Unfortunately, tryitnow site is no exception. 

If you are going to order It Cosmetics products, don’t get it from The full-size kit deal is definitely too good to be true. Suggest ordering product from Ulta or QVC. I got scammed into purchasing, a few weeks back. While I got the products as promised, it was not made completely clear the kit would end up costing $150, they are sneaky and charge installments of $50 each. Then you get shipped a new kit, and have to pay installments on that as well. I got scammed out of money when I went to cancel after my first kit. The website doesn’t make it elicit that you are basically paying $150 per shipment. Also, the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee doesn’t say you’ll get ALL your money back. They only offered me 20% off the kit price, plus would need to pay shipping. Not cool! Don’t get fooled like me, be smart. Worth noting, I was able to talk the customer service rep down on the balance for the kit installment (after some finesse). So at least I didn’t actually pay $150, but still paid more than the $50 the site lists. 

If you want my unbiased opinion on the products themselves, I’d say save your money. While the products are okay, I would say there are definitely much better beauty products out there for a lower price that do a better job. 

Anyway, I’m posting this on as many social media sites as I can, including the FB page for It Cosmetics, hoping to give people fair warning. If you want to share my blog post, please do! I’ll list all their social media sites below. The more awareness the better. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!






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14 responses to “PSA: DON’T ORDER FROM TRYITNOW.COM #ItCosmetics

  1. Wow these things are always so scary! thanks for sharing:)

  2. Bobbie Duncan

    I love it cosmetics but I get them from QVC. I really do love the cosmetic.

  3. Betty

    Such a scam!

  4. Theresa S. Keldsen

    Thank you, I almost fell for ” It” 😀

  5. I called the day I received the “puny” products. Cancelled future deliveries. Asked for a confirmation number. She would not give me one, but stated I would be getting it in an email. Two days later…no email.
    Side note….since I didn’t get a conf. Number, I called and talked to another rep. Got a confirmation number, but still no email. Calling again today.

  6. Biba

    Thank you … I appreciate that you took the time to relate your experience…👻 It’s so easy to get caught up in those infomercials…

  7. Michelle

    I was online about to order from their website when I came across your blog post. Thank you so much for the information.

  8. Michelle

    I was online about to order from their website when I came across your blog post. Thank you so much for the information. You just saved me time, money, and a major headache.

  9. Maria

    Thank you for that information, I was hesitant to order it because I read that I was also agreeing to be put on auto ship and since I only wear minimal makeup I knew I’d have these products for a while. I also had the feeling that the cancellation of future orders would be an issue, so happy I didn’t order.

  10. CBL

    Or you can order individual items directly from the IT website

  11. fb

    I have been reading reviews and was considering giving it a try. So glad to have read your comments. Thanks for saving me from a likely months-long frustrating and expensive situation. 😌