I’m very excited that it’s Friday. So what that it’s extremely freezing outside? I can finally wear my new winter coat. Anyway, Andy and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day early. Not that we really care about Valentine’s Day, but any excuse to get a nice meal is fine with me. We are also going to see Zoolander 2, so I’m pumped about that. 


I bought this fabulous feather skirt for Valentines Day, but not sure I’m going to end up wearing it. I’ll probably get frost bite on legs or some shit. I may end up wearing pants, or look like a crazy person and wear pants under my skirt. I mean, why not?!

Anyway, yesterday was a weird day. I stopped by the gas station near my place to fill up on my way home. I was pulled over next to a pump, cut the engine, and fiddled with my wallet for a few moments. All of a sudden, I hear yelling next to me. I thought I was going to have to shank someone or something (not really). When I noticed the gas station attendant with 3 random dudes pushing a car that died, into the parking area of the gas station. But the car got pretty close to mine in the process! Thankfully nothing happened and they successfully maneuvered the dead car into a parking spot. 

After that, I was settling into bed later in the night. When my phone went off and I had a message from my credit card company asking if I just made a $1600 purchase at Neimans. Uh, nope! So I called them and got my account shut off all within a few minutes. Before the thieving bitch could buy me a Birkin Bag. I’m gonna find out where she lives, and ask her for all the gifts she bought me. Then I’m gonna pepper spray her face until her skin melts off. Gosh, I’m such a nice person! Seriously though, I hope the person (I’m just guessing female) gets caught and persecuted to the fullest.

It’s really not a huge deal, it was a card I hardly use. So I’m not going to miss it, while waiting for a new card to arrive. But I’m not really sure how it happened to begin with. I haven’t used the card in a while, and my other cards weren’t used fraudulently. When I did use it, it wasn’t at lot of places. It’s possible I used it at a Target or something during the big bad data breach? Sure, we’ll blame Target…even though I love that place. 


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