Gotta love a good long weekend! Bonus, I also have Friday off for a weekend trip. For Valentine’s Day, we celebrated early. Again, not really into V-Day, but I like the excuse for a fancy dinner. So we started things off with dinner at Del Frisco’s Grille. We got some yummy cheese steak egg rolls as a starter. I also got salmon for dinner and it was so delicious! 

After dinner, we saw Zoolander 2. I actually liked it, but I didn’t have very high expectations. The first movie was silly humor anyway, and the sequel is no different. So this lady recommends it, screw what some of the critics say. 

I also did some organizing over the weekend. I’m slowly starting to go thru closets and dressers looking for things to donate. I have a few bags so far. But I’m not finished looking for things yet. Today is supposed to be warmer than yesterday (praise Jebus!). So Andy and I are going out for lunch and shopping. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend. 


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