2016-02-22 13.02.44

I was supposed to head up to the Catskills this weekend. Our friend from upstate NY booked a huge house for a ski trip. I went on the same trip last year. Like last year, the house was double booked. The difference, the people that also booked it, showed up before us. I guess it’s a common practice in the area to double book. I think it’s bull shit! At least we didn’t drive all the up there to find the bad news.

Andy and I agreed never to go to the Catskills again. We weren’t really impressed with the area last year anyway. They said their adventure park where XC skiing is, was open. We showed up and it was like a ghost town. I mean, we found ways to occupy our time. But it would have been helpful if they updated their website to show when they were closing the adventure park for the season.

Anyway, rather than stay home all weekend, we found another place to stay. This time, we booked ourselves a stay in the White Mountains (NH). New Hampshire is much more organized with their skiing, and also has better mountains. I have to admit, I wasn’t really that mad when I found out. I prefer the White Mountains to the Catskills any day. The only issue is it was school vacation week, so we had to be careful what we did as to avoid zombie hoards of children. 2016-02-22 13.04.07

We stayed at a historic hotel called Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club. It reminded me a little of the Stanley Hotel, and supposedly haunted. It was a nice place, despite the uncomfortable beds. The only thing that pissed me off, happened Friday night. Some negligent parents let their kids stomp up and down the stairs to play tag or some shit for hours. They eventually stopped, but I should have complained. My idea was to tell them to shut the Eff up, or the ghosts will haunt them. But I’m not in the business of traumatizing small children. I think they checked out the next morning, didn’t hear them on Saturday night.

I wanted to check out the ice castles, which were an hour away in Lincoln. If this trip wasn’t so last-minute, I would have purchased tickets well in advance. But they were all sold out for the weekend. I did try to get tickets, via Craigslist and the FB page for the castles. But I guess it was for the best.

We saw them a couple years ago, and the line to get in was my private hell. I should re-read my blog post from that trip, and remind myself just how awful the ice castle line experience was. Even once we were in, it was difficult to move around and get pictures. There were just so many kids EVERYWHERE, running around like they just snorted a kilo of Pixie Sticks! I can’t imagine I really missed much, it was the same people that built the castle. Once you’ve seen one ice castle, you’ve seen them all!



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  1. Glad you had a great weekend despite the original being messed up. I agree with you, don’t think they should double book those places. That’s awful. And, I would have reported the kids running up and down the stairs. It could have been a liability to the hotel had they fallen and gotten hurt, so they would have probably stopped it. I also have to say your comment about the kids snorting a kilo of Pixie Sticks made my day! I literally laughed out loud, which I don’t do very often.

    • Glad I could make you chuckle! It wasn’t a good idea for parents to let their kids run around the ice castles either. The ground was also made of ice!

      I didn’t think about the hotel liability, that is a very good point. I think next time I would definitely complain about it. I didn’t this time because I figured the parents would take responsibility for their children. Clearly they could not have cared less. If I had kids, and they were running around, I would tell them to stop. The last thing anyone needs is having a child fall, and severely injure themselves!

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