2016-02-25 15.07.53

Continuing from last post, looks like word is spreading for trivia at the new venue. It’s not bad though. I just get concerned because the pub is small, and it can get packed very quickly. We got there about 20 minutes early and it was totally fine. I wasn’t very hungry, but I ordered nachos for dinner. It was very appropriate since it was National Tortilla Chip Day. I don’t know who gets to make up these holidays, but at least I celebrated properly.

Trivia went okay. We were actually in first place during the first half. Then some wrong moves really messed with our game plan. So we didn’t end up placing. But since this place is small, and we’re not competing against 35 teams, I’m confident we can win a few games. The other good thing, since the venue is more intimate, it does sorta curb cheaters. That was a big problem at a large place where we played. It was so big, and the booths were high, it was easy for people to cheat. We never cheat, but are always very suspect of teams that get a perfect score. Especially when they consistently get a perfect score.


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