2016-02-29 12.32.38

I finally got my taxes done over the weekend. I’m happy to report I’m getting mo’ money back than last year. I also got to see Erin over the weekend. We skipped the sushi and went straight for the nachos and sangria. After some dinner and drinks, we went back to my place to do our nails and watch Fuller House. We blasted through quite a few episodes, then I finished up the season on Sunday. I have no restraint when it comes to binge-watching on Netflix. It will be the same story when OITNB comes back.

I have to admit, I was a little scared to watch Fuller House. A lot of reviews were negative, which I totally don’t get after seeing it. I think it’s just those people that have to crap on things to make themselves feel cooler. I actually really liked the re-boot. Can I just have everything in Kimmy Gibbler’s closet, please?! I really want the bacon and eggs scarf, the cupcake scarf, and the cat kimono. I may have already found and purchased the Betsey Johnson Rubix Cube bag…ooops! To my defense, I need it for 80’s prom and I got a good deal. 



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