After great reluctance, I finally made myself watch Magic Mike. Sorry, this post has nothing to do with Harry Potter. I know, I’m sad about this too! Anyway, I thought it wasn’t going to be as bad as I was thinking. After all, I have friends who really liked the movie, and I figured it must not be that bad. I was wrong, dear diary! I did watch the whole thing, but it was “meh” at best. 

I had to chuckle at the part where “Cowboy” McConaughey’s character, was lecturing “Magical” Mike (a.k.a Fred Durst) (a.k.a Chazz Tanningham) on how he should go to Miami. Because Magical “isn’t getting any younger”. I’m all like, dude you’re 50 and still stripping, don’t lecture the 27 year old! Anyone else think the part of the movie where “Rookie” Adam bought drugs from that guy laying in bed was uhh…awkward?!  They kept saying, “I love you” over and over to each other, while Adam fondles the “real” silicone bags on the other guys girlfriend? Oh yeah, then there was the part just before that where the pink-haired girl was laying on an ottoman, posing like she is in the middle of an imaginary boudoir photo session? [insert laughy face emoji]. I think there were other parts that were weird throughout the movie, but I was doing my nails and only half listening. The movie also sort of ends abruptly, without knowing how the hell Rookie Adam was going to survive Miami?! ALSO, WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PIGLET?!! Maybe they discuss that in the second movie that came out almost 4 years later?! I’m not going to watch that one to figure it out, guess it will remain a mystery. 


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