I had a pretty busy weekend, with dinners, drinks, and shenanigans. We had our big family Easter yesterday. It was a lot of fun, I think I consumed more sugar yesterday, than I have my entire life leading up to this point. I was also popping fried cauliflower pieces like it was nobody’s business. My mom makes the best fried cauliflower, it’s so good. I’m drooling just thinking about it. 

My mom bought chocolate eggs for all the kids. But then she bought a HUGE chocolate egg as the center piece. She broke it up into small bits, and gave them away to all of us. The chocolate was actually really good, so I took some home. My nieces and nephews finished the Easter Egg Hunt in 3 minutes. There also wasn’t a huge brawl that ensued, haha.



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One response to “EASTER WEEKEND

  1. Glad there was no brawling involved. My family has no little kids right now, so no Easter Egg hunting here over the weekend. We did have one at the Day Care where I substitute. The kids really enjoyed it. I’m not a big chocolate person, but the huge egg is really pretty!

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