I’m so ready for 80’s prom, it’s coming up soon. I bought my dress a while back, I didn’t go actual vintage this year. Instead, I found a cheaper dress online! I’m going for a Rainbow Brite theme this round, in case the rainbow dress wasn’t a dead giveaway. I have all the accessories I need, like jewelry, tights, and a Rubix Cube bag. But I don’t know what I’m doing about shoes. I’m definitely picking flats from whatever I already own. I just don’t know what yet.

I do have a pair of cobalt blue flats with rhinestones on them. The color would match the bodice part of the dress perfectly! I also have a pair of silver holographic flats, and dark gray holographic flats from Forever 21. Not sure either of those would really go with the dress though. I won’t know until I try them with the dress.

My jewelry is kind of funny! I found a pair of unicorn earrings from Avon, circa 1994. They are in perfect condition, and cheap. I also ended up with two unicorn necklaces. How does one end up with TWO unicorn necklaces you ask? Blame indecision. I found a glitter unicorn necklace for cheap, so I bought it. Then a couple weeks later, I found one I liked more (also cheap) so I bought that as well. I don’t know which one looks better, but I’ll decide later.

They announced the musical performers for prom. I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping it would be Tiffany or Pat Benatar. Instead it’s Shannon and Information Society. I honestly had no idea who either of these performers were, until I looked up their music. Shannon is the Electric Slide lady. But I don’t remember how to do the Electric Slide, and there are multiple versions! I also thought the song, “What’s On Your Mind” by Information Society was by Duran Duran. Ooops! To my defense, they do sound like Duran Duran. Prom will still be fun though, I can’t wait!



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6 responses to “READY FOR 80’S PROM!

  1. wait wait wait, where is there an 80’s prom being held??

    • Thanks, I have no idea when I’d wear it again after prom though. hahaha! Perhaps I could participate in a Pride parade, or Rainbow Brite convention. haha!
      There are still tickets available, if you want to prom with us! I sent some info to Fi’s FB page

  2. Ginny

    I really like it! How did you find it?

    • I found it on some Chinese shopping site. I was nervous it would take months to arrive, but I got it in about 2 weeks or so! 🙂
      There are still tickets available, if you want to prom with us!

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