I was having trouble sleeping the other night, when I suddenly flashed back to grade school. We had the coolest bus driver! Rose was a bit of a rule breaker. While she always hollered at us to sit down and face straight ahead, she also allowed us to do some fun/questionable things.

We had a huge hill near my bus stop, and a couple of people that lived on top of it. So after they were dropped off, we were allowed to play “rollercoaster”. “Rollercoaster” is when Rose would barrel down the hill, and move the wheel back and forth slightly. We were all supposed to raise our arms. I swear it’s probably not as unsafe as it sounds, I don’t recall the bus actually going that fast. But it was fun anyway!


Probably the best part of having Rose as our driver, was the squirt gun fight on the last day of school. I never owned a Super Soaker squirt gun, so I was at a huge disadvantage. The only kind of squirt gun I had, was the tiny sort that came in a goody bag at a friends 10th birthday. Nothing that could hold more than 3 drops of water. I usually opted out of the squirt gun fight for these reasons. There was a designated “no squirt zone” in the front of the bus, so you could opt out. 

The kids on my bus were PREPARED for this, like no other day. They rounded up crazy-looking squirt guns that came with backpack water storage. Of course, we weren’t allowed to bring these items into the school. So the squirt guns were stored on the bus, until we all piled back on that afternoon. Even though I was seated on the edge of the “no squirt zone”, I still got nailed IN THE EYE from my neighbors squirt gun. I was so mad, my eye hurt like hell. I got home and my mom could tell I was furious, so she called my neighbors mom and he got into trouble. HAHA! My eye was bloodshot for a while, but no harm done. 


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One response to “HAIL TO THE BUS DRIVER

  1. Sounds like a great time! Sure made the memories. I had a great bus driver too. Our busses still had the stop sign that was on a lever that the driver had to pull when he stopped. If I was able to sit behind him, in the first row, he would let me pull the lever. I thought I was hot stuff! This was in the day before all of the restrictions, so we were able to get up and walk around and play patty cake games across the isles. I loved riding the bus.

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