Continuing on with my weekend adventures, I stayed over Erin’s place. We woke up early(ish) and made our way to the flea market. I bought some cool things for gifts, and a some bags for myself. I can’t wait to use them! After the flea, we checked out Hebert’s Candy Mansion. Can you believe we made it without buying anything? I wanted to save my appetite for sushi and I didn’t want the chocolates to melt in the car anyway. So we tried a new place for sushi near the flea market and it was very good! 


I got home and unpacked all my stuff. I ended up packing a million things for a one night stay, haha. But alas, most of the stuff I packed was supplies for 80’s prom. Anyway, I needed a nap after all that adventure. Later that night, we met up with Ginny and Derek for dinner at Mooo… Yup, that is actually the name.

Andy and I have a list of steakhouses we want to try, and Moo…is one of them! I’m happy we got to try it, as it was really excellent. The food and service was really amazing. Our table took a bit longer to be expected. They noticed, and bought us a round of drinks. I guess this place must be busy, because when I went to make a res two weeks back, the earliest time slot for a Saturday was 9PM. I made it anyway, and hoped they’d be able to take us a little early. We all managed to get there early, but I guess they were still really busy and we weren’t seated until closer to 9:30. It wasn’t a huge deal, I think it was very busy because of people visiting for the Boston Marathon. Let me tell you, WORTH THE WAIT! Next up on my steakhouse list is Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, which will be happening in just a few weeks. YASSS, STEAK-O-CLOCK!


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