UGH, I feel like it’s basically taken most of the work week to re-cap my long weekend. But this, my friends will be the final installment of the trilogy. On Sunday, I moved out my movie plans. I was just to dang tired from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday activities. I think I forgot to mention Taco Thursday at Fiona’s in my other post? Oops! But a good time was had and the food was excellente. 


So Sunday was spent having coffee and lunch with my mom. It was a good time! Then I think I continued on my Kimmy Schmidt season 2 binge-watch session. I had to work on Monday, but it was from home. I don’t mind working on Marathon Monday (Boston Marathon) because I don’t particularly care for the day-drinking madness that ensues. I tried to do it in the past, and concluded I would rather sleep. It’s easier than  dodging college kid sidewalk beer pong tourneys, and trying to avoid stepping in PUKE. 

When I was done working, I walked down to the marathon route and caught some of the people on the tail-end. It was nice because I didn’t have to stand around all day, and a lot of people left at this point. As a matter of fact, I only saw like one or two people retching into shrubberies. Next year, I will start to have the day off again. Work is changing office locations, and will be located on the route. Can you guess what I will be doing that day? If you said anything aside from SLEEPING, you don’t know me AT ALL, internets! I don’t know if I will blog tomorrow, but have a good weekend! I will be busy having a blast at a casino with my BFF. For someone that doesn’t really gamble, I’m so excited!


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