I had another busy weekend! We started things off with some drinks at The Drop with some friends. It was a casual/impromptu celebration of Andy and I getting engaged. So it was the perfect chance to break in the “Feyoncé” shirt, haha. It was a fun night, glad we were all able to catch up. Except on the way back to the car, I bruised my leg on a branch that was sticking out from a shrubbery. Stupid shrubberies! 


On Saturday, we finally made it down to see Andy’s parents. They haven’t seen my ring yet. Then we met up with some friends that were in the area for Texas Roadhouse. This was my second time there, I just love their rolls and homemade cinnamon butter. The food and complimentary peanuts did not disappoint! I feel bad for anyone with peanut allergies, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy this place. There is a huge sign at the entrance warning people with nut allergies. 


Then on Sunday, we had a family dinner at Capital Grille. This isn’t my whole family, most of them couldn’t make it. But that didn’t stop the rest of us from celebrating some family birthdays, and delicious steak. The food did not disappoint! I’ve become quite the “fancy steakhouse” connoisseur. Capital Grille is my 3rd favorite steak place. Andy and I are excited to try Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse for his birthday in a few weeks. All in all, a very successful weekend. I’m still tired from the food coma!



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