Sorry guys, I’ve been preoccupied and haven’t had a chance to keep up with my goal of blogging at least 3-5x a week. Anyway, I had a busy weekend. I went to a communion party for my cousin on Saturday. Then I went out to dinner with Monique. We went to this small diner place that serves booze and really good food. I will have to go back another time with Andy.


On Sunday, we went to my nieces communion. Afterwards we had lunch at my brothers place for Mother’s Day. I can’t believe how big my brothers puppy got, he is almost has big as Zorro! Anyway, my niece looked so cute in her dress! Her party is on Saturday, so I’m not out of the Communion party circuit yet.Then after that, we start with the graduation parties. OMG, it never ends, does it?!

It turns out, I’m getting a cold. I thought my sore throat was from allergies, but allergy meds didn’t do a damn thing for me. Come to think of it, cold meds aren’t exactly doing a ton to help me either. Anyway, I’ve been popping cold meds and Echinacea like a fiend to ward this thing off. It seems to be working, my sore throat is gone. But I’m still left with congestion that is inhibiting my sense of smell. But I am determined to be cured by Saturday. Not only for my nieces communion party, but we are going to Michael Jordan’s Steak House for Andy’s birthday. I want to taste this steak I’m paying good money for, damn it! Wish me luck!


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