Wrapping up my weekend adventures, we woke up early the next morning. We wanted to squeeze in the Submarine Force Museum, Mystic Pizza, and Mystic Aquarium before heading back home. The submarine museum was very cool! It was also a very Andy thing to check out on his birthday weekend.

The museum itself was interesting. They have a mock control-room area where they have periscopes set up that over look the area outside the museum. After we finished touring the inside, we actually got to tour the USS Nautilus SSN-571 submarine. It was really cool inside, and they show how the crew live aboard a sub. I’m a petite person, and even I struggle to see how grown men can comfortably fit aboard. So to that I say, better them than me!


After the museum, we made our way to the Mystic Aquarium. I’m going to level with you, I really just wanted to go to see my whale friends again. I love the beluga whales so much. They even gave me the opp to take a selfie (whalefie) with them again. I was very excited, probably more excited than the kids at the aquarium.




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2 responses to “UNDER DA SEA!

  1. I am a little claustrophobic, but have toured a submarine before. I was okay while it was docked, but would not do so well if it were at sea and I knew I couldn’t get out anytime I wanted. They really are small. I tip my hat to all submariners. I love the aquarium pictures, especially the whalefie! 🙂

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