I guess I got my wish, internet. I complained a few weeks back, about how “John Winter is coming” is the only line that people use when referring to Game of Thorns (in my side). Now there seems to be something about a dead door, that poor door is dead and I don’t give a damn. I’m pretty much the only person in the world that doesn’t care for Game of Thorns, and Swedish Fish. I guess I’m an anomaly. 

But now all everyone on Facebook seems to be talking about is some dead door. Guess I should have prefaced that with a SPOILER ALERT? A Facebook filter blocking Game of Thorns references needs to be a thing NOW. I guess I now know how people feel about the Superbowl. Except, the Superbowl is only ONE NIGHT at least. This is like the Superbowl with a raging case of herpes.

This week seems to be dragging! I thought it was Wednesday already, but it isn’t (insert crying emoji). I have Friday off, so I can’t wait for Memorial Day Weekend activities! I’m going to be hanging out with friends, and perhaps taking a trip to coastal Maine. I’m excited, now if only time could hurry it’s self along already. 


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