Today is June 1st, which is the start of a glorious three month reprieve from the asshole college kids. I love this time of year because you can maybe have a chance at finding parking, maybe not wait as long for tables at  local restaurants, and the doucheiness level drops off. It’s the best!

Now if only none of them returned, wouldn’t that be lovely?! Can that be a thing? I should really start a campaign for online education. Nothing wrong with earning a degree online, from their homes…in South Dakota or someplace else far the fuck away from me. I feel like an old person, complaining about the young kids. But I didn’t even like college kids when I was in college. So basically, I was born old.

To be fair, it’s not all colleges that harbor assholes. Just seems to be the ones near where I live now. I grew up around the corner from a college, never had any problems, except sometimes on graduation day. Then again, we’re talking about college in the suburbs, where there is ample student parking. But I live in the city now, a city which has around 35 colleges. Umm, yuck. So you can understand my distaste. But this will be the last time I really have to deal with them. I’m moving back the burbs sometime this year. Let me tell you, I CAN’T FUDGING WAIT!!


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