I had a really fun/busy weekend. But I’m too tired to recap that today. So instead, l’m going to blog about boring wedding stuff. We just started the process of searching for wedding venues. As much as I like the first place we looked at, I need to do more research. It just wouldn’t be smart to not do more digging. Also, I have serious space concerns about the estate.  I only want around 100 people, knowing we will go over that a little. Unfortunately the estate is broken into two rooms, so we’d have to move a couple tables into the dance area. Not sure I like that idea.

I’m branching out, giving serious consideration to places like hotels. Those spaces tend to offer convenient packages. So I reached out to about 10 places last week. I ruled out five of them, due to pricing. The rest I’m going to get more information from, before I make an appointment to view. The reason I’m really digging the hotels over the old estate type of places, is  convenience.

If I booked the estate I looked at, I’d still be on the hook for a caterer, DJ, flowers, place settings, and accommodations. At least many of the places I’m considering include most of those in their packages. Since I have no idea how to plan a wedding, I’d rather do a “one stop shop.” We’ll see how this works out. Wish me luck, I’ll need it.


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