So I got a bunch of panic emails from  MySpace about my account. I was like, MySpace is still around?! Holy 2005, Batman! Back in college, MySpace was my jam. I looked forward to changing the layout of my profile, and adding new bands to my favorites list (the more obscure, the better!). Posting glitter graphics wasn’t my thing, I was too old at that point.

But MySpace was basically known for profiles with glitter graphics, obnoxious profile music playing when you opened someone’s page, and badly angled selfies taken with your Maria Sharapova edition Powershot. I was definitely guilty of the infamous “MySpace angles.” Please enjoy this picture from 2006ish. Please note the bumped hair with emo color. Also note, cleavage for the flooziness factor!


ANYWAY, there was a point to this post, aside from showing cleavage, promise. I got a tad sidetracked making fun of my college self(ie). I got a panic message from MySpace informing me clueless Russian H@xx0rz have hacked into their system and took a bunch of users personal info. I audibly laughed! Those silly hackers spent valuable time hacking into a completely irrelevant website. High five guys, you really won big for Mother Russia! To their defense, it’s probably still 2005 in Russia.

The hack doesn’t really involve me because I deleted my original account many years ago. I created a new one 5 or 6 years ago, to check out the “new MySpace” platform they rolled out that was music-oriented. I never added any information to this account at all, not even my actual name. So worst case, I’ll probably get some extra sexy Russian spam from my new bride and or groom who is eager to meet me! I can’t wait!



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2 responses to “WELCOME TO MYSPACE 2005, RUSSIA

  1. hahaha I had a myspace account ages ago too, but didn’t use it much. Didn’t get the emails, so I guess I’m safe. Whew! LOL

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