Back from another busy weekend! Originally we wanted to go to Brimfield Flea Market, but the antique show isn’t until July. Instead, we decided to go to SoWa for a bit. I hadn’t been there in a while, but it is nice to walk around. Unfortunately the vendor I wanted, wasn’t there that weekend. But she has a site I can order from. I bought some cute shirts from her last summer.

We decided to bring our jerk dog with us. This was a mistake! He was fine at first. We walked around for a bit, and visited the fire station. Z got really excited when he saw their fake Dalmatian.  He thought it was real! He tugged us towards the firefighters to investigate the fake dog. He was sad to find out his new Dalmatian friend was inanimate! But he made friends with the firefighters and got a cookie for it.

Z was fine when we were exploring the food trucks later and made friends with various puppies. Side note, I got a really tasty grilled cheese sammich with some fried cauliflower. After, we had an unfriendly encounter with (what I think was) a Bullmastiff. Z pulled us toward the Bullmastiff, then the Bullmastiff got unfriendly. Which made Z get unfriendly.  We had to pull him away, but he was quite wound after the encounter.

He then tried to bark at a poodle, who was minding it’s business. I was all, don’t mess with the poodle, Z! They are smarter than you, and can out math you any day. Haha!  We decided it was time to go home after that, didn’t want to deal with Cranky McCrankyPants anymore.

He was fine once we were on less crowded streets. We decided after that experience, we will not be taking him to the Brimfield Flea next month. Normally my dog is fine, but he can be a troublemaker on occasion. So we’re gonna pass on bringing him along places where he will encounter tons of new dogs within a short time span.



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3 responses to “SOWA VINTAGE MARKET

  1. I’m sorry that Z decided to be cranky. I wonder if you put him in those situations more often, if he would get used to it. Maybe for shorter spurts at a time, just to see. I don’t know. Just a thought. Sounds like you had a good time anyway.

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