There are some TV/movies I’m too narrow-minded about bother watching. I just get weirdly stubborn and won’t even give it a chance. Like when everyone was shitting their pants over the movie Avatar. I met the previews with a sense of, “why the EFF is this so popular?!”

I felt the same way about Magic Mike. I saw the previews and was like, UMM NO. At least with MM I forced myself to sit there and watch it. It definitely did disappoint. The issue was, I raised the bar after people said it was actually pretty good. It had no plot and the acting was terrible. I can only imagine how catastrophically awful the sequel was.

I resisted Frozen for years, but finally made myself watch it a few months ago. It  was mediocre at best. No idea why it is such a cult favorite among people that aren’t small children. I think my dislike for it, stems from the fact I can’t watch musicals. No, literally, I cannot watch musicals. They bore me to death. I can only sit through Grease and Wizard of Oz, and that’s only if I watch them once every 6 years.

It took me about 6 hours to watch Sound of Music. Really it did! I had to keep taking breaks and walk around so I wouldn’t fall asleep. Granted this was when I was a teenager, and my main focus in life was updating my AOL profile, and making friends in chatrooms. I simply cannot try that ordeal again, especially since I haven’t used AOL in 15 years. OH GOD, WHEN DID I GET THIS OLD?!!

So can someone please explain to me the appeal of Hamilton? I’m afraid it’s all lost on me. First of all, I’m not a big fan of musicals (as previously stated). This one seems to have an absolutely insanely rabid following. And for what, exactly? A historical rap about Alexander Hamilton? I just…I don’t.. why…huh? Even if I forced myself to give it a chance, it’s (mindblowingly enough) sold out until the year 2109. I guess you can listen to the music somewhere, but being all phobic of musicals and all, I don’t see that happening. So instead I will just remain utterly perplexed by its popularity.

I wonder if fear of musicals is a thing? I would not consider what I have a phobia of musicals, more like a phobia of wasting time to watch them. But alas, don’t count on scanning the theater in the year 2109 and finding me in the audience for Hamilton. I’ll be attending the electro/synth/polka version called Burr.



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2 responses to “I JUST CAN’T

  1. You’re right, the premise of Hamilton is stupid. As a musical lover, I am biased, but Hamilton actually is something special.
    For one, rap/hip-hop on Broadway is very uncommon, so Hamilton is really unique in the sense that not only is it mostly rap/hip-hop but it’s GOOD. Rap on the radio is all about sex and drinks, but Hamilton’s rap is literally progressing the plot while being catchy as heck, even if you don’t really like mainstream rap.
    And two, this show is almost so different and well done that it’s enthralling. Americans have grown up learning about Hamilton and various characters so to get to learn more in such a fun way is neat. History is boring for most people, but this energetic musical makes it actually interesting.

    • Thanks for explaining it to me. When I first heard of it, I thought the premise was kinda…odd! I think if I ever lucked into finding tickets, I’d give it a chance. But given its popularity, I’d probably have to settle for the community theater version! 🙂

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