Don’t let this sweet face fool you, Zorro is a naughty puppy! Not only was he a jerk store at the SoWa vintage market this week, but he freaked out yesterday when we were out. I guess my dad stopped by, but didn’t come in the apartment. He merely went around the yard to check for rat holes. Ah the joys of city living (I can’t wait to move)!


Anyway, Z gets really excited to see my dad. So he got himself all wild knowing he was around. He damaged the blinds trying to look out the window, and proceeded to plow through the baby gate. Then had free run of the entire apartment. I keep him in the dining room because I don’t want him on our bed, drinking toilet water, or eating things in the kitchen. Know what he did? BASICALLY ALL OF THOSE THINGS!

I was so mad when I got home and noticed the baby gate was bowled over. Mind you, I don’t have a big apartment. Also note, my dog is almost 80 lbs. I couldn’t find him at first. Where can a large dog hide in a small apartment?! He managed to jam himself in a corner up against the backdoor and cabinet wall. I couldn’t see him at first until I was near the fridge, due to the angle. Man did he look so regretful! He knew he was in trouble. I feel bad because I did yell at him, and he was clearly very sorry he did it.

So what did he do on his big day? He managed take a pair of scissors out of a pencil cup and bring them into his lair, leaving all the innocent pencils unharmed. I’m still trying to figure out how he did that without knocking all the pencils out. He drank toilet water, and dirtied up my tub. Then proceeded to stomp all over my JUST CLEANED BEDDING with his fudging toilet water paws. To add insult to injury, he had a full bowl of non-toilet water to drink from. Thankfully he didn’t do any of the 3 P’s (pee, puke, poop). But he did manage to knock over one of Andy’s routers.

Needless to say I was quite annoyed to clean my bedding twice in a week. I also had to spray down the tub, mop, vacuum, and sanitize the toilet. FUN.

Anwyay, I decided to check the security cam this morning to find THE PRISONER ESCAPED the dining room again! I guess I didn’t tighten the gate enough from yesterday. That, or the frame got weakened from being plowed through by a crazy 80lbs pup. I did jiggle it around a few times and thought it was secure when I fixed it.

I was so annoyed, thankfully Andy was kind enough to leave work to deal with him. He just bought me a bag of peppermint patties last night, and I didn’t want Z getting into those, or anymore toilet water. ALSO MY CLEAN BEDDING!! So help me, if I had to wash that all for a 3rd time in a week, aliens would hear me screaming from neighboring galaxies. Thankfully Andy didn’t find any fuzzies on our bed, so at least that was held sacred today.


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