This title pertains to “phone emergencies” not emergencies relating to pho. Although I guess you could use it for both? Anyway, I got a new phone a couple months ago. My sister (of course) got the same phone, unwittingly. So she showed me this nifty emergency mode feature. You basically hit the power button 3x rapidly, and it activates the emergency mode. It will take an audio recording,  front and back camera photos, and your location. It will then text it to your emergency contacts.

I activated it and set my emergency contacts to my family and fiancé. When I got a Gear S2 watch with my phone, there was also an emergency mode on it. I turned that shit on, cuz why not?! But since I didn’t quite know what all the buttons did on my new watch, I accidentally emergency dialed my family. Oops! My sister called me in a panic wondering where I was. I was unaware my watch went off, so I had no idea why she called in a panic. OOPS!

That was a couple months ago, let’s dial it forward to now. I was walking back to my car after work, I had my phone in my hand and was fiddling with my keys. I guess my keys must have hit the power button on my phone, the magic number of 3 times. So it sent off a series of emergency texts. These texts contained my location, an unflattering selfie of me, and audio of unlocking my car to my family. UGH!

I quickly sent a false alarm text out. But my poor mother is phone impaired, and started to panic, thinking I got kidnapped or something. Needless to say, I turned off my emergency mode after that, so if I end up dead in a ditch somewhere, nobody will find me.


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