Sometimes The Simpsons can get weirdly prophetic. I was watching season 19, episode 10 the other night (E. Pluribus Wiggum). Worth noting the episode first aired in 2008.  First, please enjoy this shot of Bill hammering a Hillary sign into someone’s lawn. I guess that one isn’t too far of a stretch, considering Hillary hinted for a long time she wanted to be Prez.

Anyway, Homer manages to blow up Springfield’s Fast Food Boulevard. He then attends a town meeting to decide what should happen to the area. Homer votes to rebuild. Mayor Quimby declares an election must take place.  So Springfield becomes the first to vote in the primary, really cheesing off NH. During the primary process, Springfield gets ravaged by every single presidential wannabe.

In response, Homer cooks up a scheme to write in Ralph Wiggum’s name, a candidate nobody would expect. Ralph wins by 53%. This really sets Lisa off.

Lisa: Mom, they’re taking Ralph’s candidacy seriously.This is a disaster!

Marge: Speaking of disasters, have you seen this? Springfield Dodge bought too much inventory, and they’ve only got one weekend to get rid of all the ’07s. Lisa, I’m sure this Wiggum-arole will blow over.You have to have faith in the wisdom of the average voter.
I dig the Wig! I dig the Wig! Oh, dear God Come on, Lis, hop on the Wiggum Wagon.

Sound familiar?! Like a certain candidate who dyes his skin with Cheeto dust, and sacrificed a rabid squirrel to make his toupee. I can relate! I also put too much faith in the “wisdom” of the average voter. Now we’re stuck with the two worst candidates in the history of US presidential election.

But I digress. At least Ralph never actually selected a political party, and he doesn’t hide his baldness. Heck, I’d vote for Ralph right now if I could! Bill Clinton even said he was voting for Ralph in that episode. So maybe he can pull off 53% of the U.S. votes as a write in! Having a cartoon for president sure would be fun! I would like a Lard Lad on every corner please.


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