Super random, but I’ve been on an Eminem kick this week. Thankfully Amazon Prime will indulge me, and I downloaded some albums for the FREE! So now I resemble Michael Bolton in Office Space, jammin to my tunes.


I’m sure it’s quite the sight. Anyway, I’m currently getting a pedicure. I’m trying out MiniLuxe, it’s a salon chain. The pedicures are a bit pricey, but I’m hoping it’s worth it. I hate doing my own pedicure, it usually turns out awful. I can handle painting my finger nails just fine. It’s basically the only thing my left hand is useful for, painting my right hand. Haha!

Anyway, another busy weekend coming up. I’m meeting up with Andy at his work for a party. We have tickets to a show, and we’re going to the beach. I can’t wait, should be good weather.


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