There comes a time in every dog owners life, when they begin to really question their life choices. I mean, my dog has been a complete asshat the last few weeks and we don’t know why. We’ve had him 4 years now, and he’s actually been quite well-behaved when he is alone. 

As of late he freaks out, and busts down the gate of the room he stays in. Now that he’s learned this new party trick, he does it constantly. So we had to start crating him while we’re out, which isn’t ideal. But I just watched him bust through the crate on the cams yesterday. I was getting really fed up with his new behavior. 

When I got home, I noticed he managed to scratch the top and side of his muzzle with the crate escape. I was going to take him to the vet, but the injury doesn’t prevent him from eating, drinking, sleeping, leaping, and walking. So I figured he would be fine. He just looked as if he should audition for one of those incredibly depressing Sarah Mclaughlin commercials.

We’ve been trying to keep it clean and put Neosporin on it, but he just licks it off. It looks much better today. Thankfully didn’t really destroy anything aside from his crate yesterday. Last week ,he destroyed a set of blinds. Which tallies the window blinds death toll at 3. We bought new sets, but they are (of course) the wrong size. 

Another time, he scratched some paint off the bathroom door, and has left countless amounts of scratches on the back door. But at least he hasn’t gotten into our food, or destroyed furniture.

We have been trying to figure out how our dog has gone from zero to psychotic the last few weeks. We took him to the vet a couple weeks ago, and they determined he was fine. The only thing that we changed was his food. We let him pick his own food at the pet store a few weeks ago. It was a bag of duck-flavored Blue Buffalo. He seemed indifferent towards his new food. The food was the only change, so we decided to change back his food yesterday. Plus our vet told us not to get Blue Buffalo anymore. So we aren’t going to have him finish the rest off.

Thus far, he hasn’t done anything crazy. But the day is still young. Usually by now, he would have escaped the room. But he just snoozing in his bed, which is a miracle. But to be safe, we are going to take him for longer walks to tucker him out, couldn’t hurt.


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