So it looks like I can’t escape mice at home or at work. We had some mice in our apartment a couple years ago. Since then, I’ve kept the traps set around in the house in case they decide to come back. About a year ago the trap in the kitchen caught a random mouse. I haven’t seen any “droppings” or anything since. I discovered over the weekend while vacuuming, that a trap in the living room had caught one. I didn’t notice any droppings around the house either. So it looks like we seem to get a random mouse about once a year or so (in the summer, which is strange). But they quickly meet their doom. I guess mouse karma came after me. I keep a toothbrush at work because I eat breakfast and drink coffee there. So I like to brush my teeth after eating. I noticed the baggie I keep the toothbrush and paste in, housed a foreign object. An object which resembled a mouse turd. I thought it was merely a piece of lint, as I had some leather swatches on my desk. NOPE, it wasn’t dear diary!

It was a mouse turd. THANK GOD I noticed before I decided to take the cover off my toothbrush and use it. Oh yes, the whole “mice hate mint” thing is bullshit.  I use mint toothpaste and that didn’t deter the little fucker.  Unfortunately, I also keep a box of tissues in my desk. I did use a tissue this morning, before realizing my mouse visitor had violated the top of the box. So there is a good chance I have the plague or something. Awesome, right? I ended up tossing EVERYTHING that was in the drawers, both personal items and office supplies. I told the facilities people about it, someone is supposed to come and clean the drawers. Until then, I went to Target on my lunch break to replace the personal items I had thrown out. I even got a cute little container with a lid. I moved all my snacks and stuff to a high shelf, hopefully the mouse can’t figure how gain access. Oddly, the mouse only ate some of my K-cups in the drawer. It missed the other drawer that housed actual snack foods. Clearly we’re dealing with Pinky, and not The Brain.


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One response to “IT’S MOUSE TRAP!

  1. Yikes. I am not a fan of mice either. I used to have a phobia about them because, as a toddler, I remember seeing a news story about a rat that ate a baby in it’s crib in NY City. I know little mice can’t do that, but….. Glad you noticed it before you used your toothbrush.

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