A while back, I decided to take biotin supplements to make my nails stronger. I had some Amazon points to use, so I opted for the 120 pack. I used all the pills in the pack for good measure (obviously not all at once, haha), but didn’t notice my nails getting stronger. I was a bit disappointed, I only took them to strengthen my nails. I’ve always had soft nails, which I find unnerving because they peel. I thought switching to nail wraps would help, but it doesn’t. All it did was make my manicures last longer, as my nails can’t peel when a wrap is over them. Which is nice and all, but doesn’t completely solve the problem. I also noticed that my skin was breaking out a lot when I was taking biotin. I know I look young, but I don’t need to resemble a 17 year-old fry cook! I thought it would be a passing phase as I got adjusted to the biotin. 

I gave up on just taking pure biotin, so I bought some “Hair,Skin, and Nails” vitamins (they also contain biotin, among other ingredients). I was thinking maybe this would strengthen my nails and clear my skin. I took them for about 3 weeks and my skin GOT WORSE. But my hair and nails grew fast. Alas, it didn’t make my nails stronger, just longer. It took me a while to conclude that these vitamins aren’t helping my skin. I did some internet searching to discover biotin can actually cause breakouts. It can do this by making you B5 deficient. So I stopped taking the vitamins about 2 weeks ago and my skin looks so much better now. 





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