So I was reading an article the other day about Fuller House. Basically, Jodie Sweetin and the cast has given up on asking the Olsen twins to make an appearance. This really grinds my gears for some reason. I don’t care they “retired” from acting, and have “reasons” for not wanting to be part of the reboot. They could at least suck it up and make a quickie appearance in an episode. Maybe they aren’t intentionally trying to let people down, but I’m interpreting it this way. 

I’m not being greedy and saying they need to be in the entire upcoming season. But I think they (or just one of them really) can spare a few hours and make a vague appearance, no? Nothing annoys me more than celebrities that refuse to acknowledge where they got their start. If I was a child star, I would total do a reboot of whatever helped make famous. So please, Olsen twins (I know you totally read my unpopular blog) and make an appearance in season 2 of Fuller House! Or maybe volunteer the other Olsen, Elizabeth. I mean, she does look quite a bit like her sisters, I’m sure she could pull off Michelle Tanner. Plus she can’t say she “retired” from acting, she was just in the last Captain America flick. 


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