As much as I like tolerated living in the lovely city of Boston, I can’t wait to move this year. No offense to our great city, I just think living there when you aren’t in your early to mid-twenties, is vastly overrated. I also don’t work in the city (Andy does), so living there serves no real purpose for me anyway. I can’t stand the college kids, traffic, lack of parking, and overcrowding of bars. Summer is fine, and winter break is good(ish) as well. We are fortunate in the sense that my area is mostly older people, families, and young professionals. We also have a nice apartment, and driveway with garage to use. Those can be a rare site, so this place has served us well. At least there aren’t a ton of annoying college kids making noise, and being generally douchey on my street either. For that I am grateful.

But I’m ready to GTFO and move a couple towns over. We aren’t moving far, just a 13 minute drive, to be exact. I can also take the bus, as there is a stop right outside my new street. I am also happy to report, my new hood’ isn’t windy, narrow, or on a very steep hill. My current road should really be a one way. It’s a death trap waiting to happen. Despite the fact there are cars parked on both sides of the already narrow way, people feel the need to fly down like their assholes just caught fire.

That I will never understand. With that in mind, it’s dangerous even on the best of days. It is truly a shit show when it snows. Thankfully I have a car with all-wheel-drive, otherwise ain’t no way I’d make it home. That is why I’m looking forward to my new apartment that is on a FLAT STREET with loads of  parking on both sides, but people actually use their driveways, so it’s unnecessary. 

Despite the fact I’m looking forward to getting out of Boston, I am not looking forward to the actual act of moving. That stresses me the fuck out. It literally scares me. I don’t actually know anyone that enjoys moving, but it just feels daunting, no matter how prepared you are. Ever since I found out I was moving, I’ve been a hot mess on the inside. The trouble is, I own a lot of stuff. I love clothes, shoes, and makeup. So I have closets full of that stuff I have to make room for. UGHHH. I’m trying to stay positive though, it’s not like I’m moving far and have a ridiculous timeline to follow.

Our new apartment is bigger space-wise, but I will be losing a bedroom and some closets. I’m remedying the situation by going to Ikea before we move, and getting  wardrobe cabinets, and storage shelves. I’m really trying to focus on more storage for the new apartment. We’ve accumulated a lot of stuff since we moved almost 5 years ago. So it will not be fun to sift thorough everything and move it over. Nor will it be fun to spend money on moving, renovations, and additional furniture. 

The silver-lining, we can move at our own pace, and don’t have a set date we need to be out. But I will be the owner of the new space, so we’re responsible for our own renovations and such. We plan to renovate, but not sure how much we’re going to do prior to the move. I also don’t know how long that will take, so actual move-in date is TBD. I would just like to get out before it starts to snow, please! I can’t do another city winter (although last year was fine, which means this year will be a frozen hell on Earth). 


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