So I went to go look at the new apartment I will be taking ownership of in October. It has good bones, but the bathroom and kitchen need to be redone. I was hoping the kitchen wouldn’t be bad, but it’s small and has no counter space. I actually like my 1950’s kitchen in my current apartment much better. We may not have much counter space there either, but it’s more than the new place. So we will have to open up the kitchen and renovate it.

We were talking with my dad’s friend who is a contractor, he is going to have an engineer come by and take a look at the layout and see what can be done. We may end up copying the format of my sister’s apartment, since it’s basically the same layout. Plus if she can find her floor plans, that makes things much easier. As for the rest of the place, we will need new front and back doors, some painting, and to refinish the hardwood floors. At least Andy and I can refinish the floors and paint on our own. But basically, I don’t know how long the renovations will take, so TBD on when the hell we can move in. It makes sense to do all these changes prior to moving, as it will be majorly disruptive to do these things while we’re living there. I also need to get an estimate for all the work that needs to be done, so I can start the “wonderful” journey of getting a loan. At least interest rates are low. But still, yikes!


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