I am bit of a cranky pants today. I feel like a small child that didn’t get enough sleep but forced to go to kindergarten. I have no reason to be cranky, aside from the fact it is Monday, and I couldn’t go for a walk during lunch. I enjoy my lunchtime walks, but it’s actually raining today, so I couldn’t go. Yup, I’m secretly an old person. Anyway, we do need the rain quite badly. We’ve been in a drought situation in my area, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. But I will blame it on the rain anyway.

I also got an Audible book a while back, and it’s been a real struggle to get through it. So I’m making myself listen to it as much as possible. But I still have about 40% left. UGH! After that, I also made another poor Audible decision. So looks like I have another potentially sucky book to get through. 

I decided maybe a Twix bar would cheer me up. Normally I get all my snacks from the gas station down the street. But with the rain, I can’t walk there. I also don’t want to give up my parking spot and drive there. OH CONUNDRUM! So I concluded I will be forced to pay the astronomical prices of the vending machine. I put my money in, got my Twix, and the machine accidentally gave me too much change. Also, my afternoon meeting got moved. Now things are looking up!




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2 responses to “CASE OF THE MONDAYS?

  1. I had a moody Tuesday so I feel you! However, I LOVE audio books – they’re great during my commute! They’re understandably not for everyone, though.
    Twix, however, is universally good stuff.

    • I like audio books, I just made a couple of poor choices in book selection. Thankfully I’m almost done with the one I’m complaining about. The other book, I got a spoiler for. I don’t agree with the ending AT ALL. So it will also be hard to get through. =\

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