I’m so happy, because after today I don’t have to hear any political ads. REJOICE! Of course, I still have to hear people complaining about the outcome. I will probably be one of those people, as neither of the candidates are satisfactory. But I’ll try to keep my rants to a minimum, as long as Trump doesn’t win. I’m one of the few that didn’t drink the Hilary Kool-Aid either.

 A woman president would be really nice though. But I’m just simply not a Clinton fan. Anyway, I decided to vote early, as the option was available in my city. I didn’t feel like dealing with lines, and people. Let’s be honest here folks, it was mostly because of the people. I had to bribe myself with pretzels and beer, to get myself through the painful voting process. I  hear rumors they don’t count the early ballots, or they only count them if it’s a close race. I haven’t researched these points. I honestly don’t give a damn at this point, I feel rather apathetic towards this whole election. 

I only voted so I could reserve the right to complain about whoever wins. Although, it doesn’t really matter who I vote for, my state will go blue. Voting (in my case) is almost a moot point. Oh how I wish to be from a swing state! Well, actually, my vote still wouldn’t matter. I generally hate all the presidential candidates. It wouldn’t really solve my problems of never having a suitable candidate, or political party. 

Well, let’s hope tomorrow won’t be doomsday. Otherwise, me and my lady parts will be living in Canada as a political refugee.


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