Well America, the truly unthinkable happened last night. I have to level with you, I was confident “Dump” wouldn’t win. I didn’t sweat it at all. Maybe because I wasn’t actually vested in either candidate. But I smell a rat here, because I know of exactly 0 people that like Trump. I’m sure his own mother didn’t even like him, so I can’t imagine the majority of the voters actually do. Me thinks someone hacked the swing states. Don’t get me wrong, I never bought into the stories of voting systems being hacked over the last few weeks. But now I’m wondering if I should have? I think the votes of the swing states need to be examined very closely, just to be sure the dead didn’t resurrect themselves and make it to the polls.

That aside, I’m calling bullshit on anyone that tries to blame this abomination on the third party voters. Perhaps the third party voters would have gone for a dem or republican candidate, had the majority done a better job at candidate selection. Also, maybe point a finger at the registered voters who didn’t vote. But at this point, we’re stuck with this oopma-loompa, and there is nothing we can really do. I just hope, he does something truly deplorable within 5 minutes of his presidency, so he can be immediately impeached. Not that Pence is really better, but maybe he would be too frightened to really do anything at all during the remainder of the presidency. A gal can dream, right? Until that happens, it’s going to be a long four years. Let’s hope we can survive this impending apocalypse. 


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