I probably say this phrase a lot. After I was finished flipping off every single person on the highway yesterday and being kind of an asshole, I began the process of getting over the shit stain taking office in January. Please note, I will not refer to him as a president. Just a Shit Stain  (S.S.) “taking office.” It is what it is, and I’m already sick of hearing about it. I’ve started the process of muting people on Twitter, and using the handy “unfollow” FB feature for those that are still ranting/grieving. People need time to sort out their feelings and views. I support that choice.

I don’t wish to tell those that are still suffering to “get over it.” However, I’m sick of hearing about S.S. at this point. That is the way I’m coping. I cope with distance and time. Other people cope by writing their thoughts and feelings on social media. That’s fine too. But since I cope by not engaging in those posts, I will mute them. I tend to get over things quickly. My rage burns brightly, but fades quickly. Maybe quicker than most in this case, because I didn’t like either candidate. But I still was very shocked and disappointed with the results.

To be fair, I don’t think there has been a president I’ve wholeheartedly liked. I know, I know! My views are neither right, left, up, or down. I also don’t have a party association. Nothing suits me. Maybe I also expect perfection, and that is why I wind up disappointed (to some degree) and apathetic.  So this election wasn’t going to leave me with the warm n’ fuzzies, regardless. But there is still hope. Many are taking steps to volunteer, and go out of their way to show kindness. They do this in spite of S.S., not because of S.S. Let’s hope this gains momentum, so good things can come of this. 

BTW, I found an S.S.  supporter among my FB friends. I guess they were all hiding. My thing is, if you have to hide who you support, perhaps you should reconsider? Also, she claims she isn’t a racist and supports the LGBT community. In my opinion, supporting someone who fuels hate among those that are different, makes you guilty by association. She is also (what I thought was) an intelligent woman. At first I was tempted to unfriend her. But then I thought, wouldn’t that be hypocritical? I would be unfriending someone who has vastly  different (misguided) views, who believes in a con-man, and someone who is intolerant. Wouldn’t that also make me intolerant? Bit of a double-edge sword there. So perhaps the “unfollow posts” feature will used in her case. 

P.S.   Oh yes, this will likely be my last post on this topic for a while. As I said, I get over things by not dwelling on what I cannot change. It won’t be easy or fun. I feel a deep sense of defeat and terror. But I need to sort through these feelings, and find ways to deal.  So no worries, back to vapid posts about weekend adventures and cosmetics.


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